Can Air Purifiers Get Rid of Smoke?

I will touch on 3 different versions Of course we are all familiar with kitchen smoke, because we have all burnt things on the stove, and I don’t know of anyone who wants those pesky smoke alarms to go off! I will also look at smoke from the fireplace, and cigarette smoke. First we will look at the nefarious kitchen smoke.

A large majority of air purifiers “will clear the air rather quickly.” “Cooking odors are easily removed with electrostatic, carbon, or negative ion purifiers,” If you happen to see a purifier that combines one or more of the methods above, then that’s better yet.

The smoke from a wood burning stove or fireplace does not permeate as badly as cigarettes smoke would. It is best to turn on you air purifier before you light up the logs in your fireplace, that is of course, if you’re not fond that kind of smell. In our first home, we had a little free standing ‘pot-bellied’ stove in the bedroom. It got warm in that bedroom very quickly, but it did a great job heating the house.

When talking about cigarette smoke, you need to look for an air purifier that can do the job. The most effective one would have “ionized plates (or electrostatic/ Truman cells) that came with washable grids. This system “attracts and disables the smoke.” It will not get rid of the smell that has been already permeated into the walls and other materials of the room. The fact is, just any ol’ air purifier will not work with cigarette smoke because the units “are not designed to remove gaseous pollutants” which unfortunately, are all part of cigarette smoke.

Can Air Purifiers Get Rid of Smoke?

Air purifiers have their own kind of jargon. Here are four common names that you’ll find on the labels. HEPA, activated carbon filter, ozone, and electrostatic or ionized: A HEPA filtration is very effective when used with “more than one filter technology. ”HEPA’s are great for people with allergies, dust, pollen and pet dander problems. An activated carbon filter “Absorbs fumes, orders, smoke and grease.” If the carbon is mixed with Zeolite, then that helps the filter “absorb ions and molecules, and thus acts as a filter for odor control, and toxin removal.”

“Ozone generators are air purifiers that intentionally produce ozone. Not all of them are effective,” and please be aware “that some are not even appropriate for home use.” Ozone has been known to cause lung damage, worsen asthma and cause other lung problems, according to the EPA (Untied States Environmental Protection Agency). The electrostatic version/ionized air purifiers “captures pollution, soot, reduces, smoke and odors.” It is like a HEPA but “do not use air filters.” It puts out an electrical charge to trap the particles in the air. Roughly “30% of particles are removed from your indoor air.” To work effectually, its best to regularly the filter.

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